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How Long Does a Divorce Take in Florida on Average?

how long does divorce take

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Florida has the fourth-highest divorce rate in the United States. 

Regardless of the reason for these divorces, you must get up-to-date on the law and the information you need to reasonably handle your divorce. Getting to know the typical timeline will help you take the necessary steps. 

But, how long does divorce take? Keep reading to learn more about how these issues are handled in the state of Florida. 

How Long Does Divorce Take?

When a divorce is uncontested, you can expect it to take anywhere between 5 weeks and as long as a year. A contested divorce can take a year or more to be resolved. 

Knowing these average timetables will help you manage your divorce as a Florida resident. Understanding the process will also help you figure out your Florida divorce timeline. 

Consider taking a divorce education course that can keep you up-to-date on Florida divorces. 

What Are the Divorce Prerequisites in Florida?

The divorce timeline is streamlined when you handle the early matters correctly. Start by getting to know the residency requirements for Florida divorces. One or both of you need to have lived as a resident of Florida for at least 6 months. 

Unlike some states, you don’t need to be separated for any stretch of time to officially file for divorce. After you file for a divorce in Florida, your spouse will have 20 days to respond. 

There are also no grounds for divorce that you need to fulfill in Florida. It’s a no-fault state, which means that all you need to disclose is that the two of you have differences that can’t be mended. 

How Are Matters Addressed in Florida Divorces?

It’s easier to understand your default divorce timeline when you understand how the courts handle them. Here are how some of the major aspects of divorce are addressed in Florida:

Learn What Constitutes Marital Property

In the state of Florida, any property you acquired or dollars you earned during the marriage is considered marital property. Marital property is fair game for disputes and negotiations in a divorce court filing. 

Knowing these details will give you an idea of how long you might expect your divorce to take in Florida. 

Consider How Property is Divided

So, how is property divided in the state of Florida? It is an equitable distribution state, which means that the judge will seek reasonable ways to split the property. You both will have the chance to come to an agreement, and if there are still disputes, the judge can make a decision, or split the property 50/50. 

Think about how much marital property you have at stake in the marriage so you can estimate your timetable. 

Look Into Child Custody and Other Matters

The handling of your children will always be a hot-button issue in your dissolution of marriage. People want to make sure that their children are taken care of in the split, and want to come up with a fair way to divide custody. 

Some outcomes that you can expect include full custody, partial custody, joint custody, and various visitation agreements. Someone might have weekly visitation, certain days out of the month, or certain timetables of the year, such as spending the summer with one parent. 

Consider child support also. In some situations, the courts will assign a child support agreement to make sure that the child is taken care of when not under the custody of the breadwinner. 

Some spouses might also look into things like spousal support or other arrangements. 

How Should You Address Your Divorce in Florida?

You’ll get a better feel for your divorce timeline when you move forward with deliberateness. Some of the following points to consider include:

Consider Divorce Mediation

Divorce law in Florida and other states provides guidelines and lets you know what you’re entitled to. You and your spouse can and should meet in mediation outside of court. 

Mediation is handled by legal experts and negotiators who are skilled at bridging the gap between two parties at odds. They act as an impartial party to help you come to an agreement. This can speed up the process, make sure that both spouses are treated fairly, and will lower the total cost of the divorce. 

Find the Help of Divorce Lawyers

Make sure to hire a Florida divorce lawyer that can help you with your case. They will lay out the timelines and parameters, let you know what you’re entitled to, and help come up with a working resolution. 

Your divorce lawyer will also advise you on the steps that you take when separating or working toward divorce. They will let you know whether you’re making a legal mistake moving out of your home, whether you should close joint bank accounts or keep them open, and other factors. 

Seek Outside Help and Keep Things Peaceful

Finally, get as much personal help as you need during this personal crisis. Seeking counseling and therapy will help prevent you from carrying these emotions into your legal matters. 

Always go above and beyond to keep matters peaceful as you look to dissolve your marriage. 

Consider the Ins and Outs of Divorce in Florida

So, how long does divorce take? The tips above make this clear and will assist you if you find yourself headed to divorce court. 

Are you ready to learn more about your legal situation? Court Compliance Education can assist you with your legal issues. Check out our other articles to stay up-to-date with your divorce timeline and strategies. 

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